Hi there! I’m Donna Clark of DC Video Creations. Welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday.

This week I wanted to talk about your story and why it is important. We may have met at a social event, networking event or maybe just through social media. I thought I would shoot a quick video to let you know who I am and why I love video so much. It is important to share your story for 3 reasons – it makes you relatable, it attracts your ideal client and it builds the know, like and trust factor.

So, to share with you, I’ve always loved photography and, when my parents gave me my first video camera in 1989, I was hooked! I started off volunteering at Rogers Television and found I loved being behind the camera, especially at OHL hockey games and community events like the Santa Claus parade. The editing process gave me a chance to be creative in promoting community events. My love for video grew as I heard all the important stories.

I think every entrepreneur has an important story to tell and there are so many people looking for their expertise. Video does build the know like and trust factor and gives you a chance to let your clients know who you are, why you are passionate about what you do and the expertise you have which can help potential clients.

For those of you ready to get started with video, I invite you to visit my website DCVideoCreations.com. Let’s set up a call to get you going with video! There really are so many options! What is your story?

Have a great day,