Hi there. Everyone these days use their phone to record video, but do you know that you can take those videos and edit them on your phone as well? Why would you want to do that? 3 Reasons!




Save time

I use the iMovie app on my iphone, but I’m sure you can get it on an android too. It is a $5 app that more than pays for itself. I’m sure there are other apps as well.

Editing can enhance your videos by adding titles, graphics and music. It makes your videos look more professional. At the very least you should add your name and website to make it easy for potential clients to find you. You can even add music, but make sure it is uncopyrighted.

We can record a video and be happy with it, but maybe there is a paragraph we want to change or delete. Editing it will allow you to delete that section without having to redo the whole video. Also, If you shot a video on Facebook Live, for example, you can repurpose that video for your ezine or programs you have. You can change it up a bit by adding titles and graphics!

Editing your video with your phone can save you time. You can do it right away without waiting to get back to your computer.

I hope those tips are helpful. If you have any questions about video, email me at donna@dcvideocreations.com. Let’s set up a call to get you going with video. Have a great day!