I’m Donna Clark. Welcome back to video vibe Thursday!! This week I almost didn’t get a video done. I wasn’t feeling the best and lost my voice, so that was the excuse I was going to use to avoid getting on camera! Then I thought about it and, since I had committed to doing videos, I came up with a way I could do a video and not use my voice or be on camera! Today I wanted to demonstrate 3 ways we can use titles to get our message across – subtitles, transitions and bumpers.

You have all seen those videos where subtitles are used – the buzz feed recipes, viral videos. The titles draw you in and keep you watching the video. At the very least, you want to add a lower third title with your name and website just in case someone is listening and wants to get in touch with you but missed your name.

The second use is using titles as a transition. If you have shot a video and wanted to cut a section out, you can add in a graphic with titles to cover that up. You can also add movement and colour to emphasize key points. Beautiful pictures with inspiring messages are also videos that keep viewers watching your videos – they can invoke emotion without audio.

The third use for titles is as a bumper. You can start your video with a bumper, or close your video with a call to action and your contact information. Make it easier for them to find you!! So these are just 3 ways you can use titles.

That is it for this week. I hope you found this interesting. Have a great day!!!