Hi there! Welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday!

Do you know that over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minutes on YouTube and Facebook? Today I want to talk about different styles of on-camera videos. There are so many options!! I have 3 favourites I would like to talk about today. The white background video, on location and interview style.

I like the white background videos because they are clean looking and it gives you the ability to add graphics and titles to emphasize what you are talking about. These are great for websites and product launches.

The on location videos can be more intimate and can draw in viewers. They are great for the about me page of your website.

Interviewing an expert, mentor or client is also a great way to create an on camera video. You can be on screen together or you can be off screen asking the questions. It is a great way of showing your expertise or providing helpful information to your client.

There are so many more reasons and styles to be using on camera videos – live streams, video tip series, testimonials, live demos, sizzle reels. Visit my website at dcvideocreations.com or better yet, give me a call (416-518-3533) if you would like to discuss what style of video would work for you and your business.

Have a great day!

P.S. I have worked with some talented entrepreneurs and would like to thank Coach Anita, Dr. Lisa Bogue and my mentor, Pat Mussieux for using parts of their videos to demonstrate different styles of on-camera videos. Visit their websites at

http://www.anitawatts.ca – Coach Anita

http://www.drlisabogue.com – Dr. Lisa Bogue

http://www.hirepat.com – Business Coach, Pat Mussieux