Welcome back to video vibe Thursday. This week my tips/thoughts are about the mindset needed to get on video!

Everyone is more alike than different.

That was really driven home last week when I attended a Company of Women networking dinner. Anne Day (companyofwomen.ca) and Amy Voderak (amyvodarek.com) were discussing their new book, Good Enough. They interviewed hundreds of Women over the 3 plus couple of years and found it interesting that most women believe they are not good enough in some area of their lives at some point in their lives. This book is about inspiring women to turn that around and understand they are good enough. You must unleash who you are and unleash your brilliance. We have to stop comparing the outside of others to the inside of us. I’m sharing because I believe you will want to get the book. It is available at Amazon.ca. Just search for ‘Good Enough’.

What does this have to do with video?

A lot of entrepreneurs are experts at what they do but don’t want to advertise it as they don’t want to appear salesy. But really, you are being of service.

Your clients need you and are looking for you. What better way than getting on camera!! Make it easy for them to find you. Social media is free so we really need to use that to our advantage.

For those of you ready to get started with video, I would love to have a chat with you. We can work together in a number of ways! I can shoot and edit your videos. I can teach you how to do it yourself or you can shoot your videos, send them to me and I will add all the bells and whistles to make them look more professional. Email me at donna@dcvideocreations.com. Have a great day!