Hi Everyone, welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday, I’m Donna Clark. Today I wanted to discuss Facebook Live and give you a few tips if you haven’t started using it. We all should be using it on a consistent basis – myself included!!

So if you are just getting started with Facebook Live, here are a few tips!

You can now access Facebook Live from your business page as well! Go to the area where you would post a message. Right under “What’s on your Mind?” is a red camera “Live” button which opens the camera. Before you hit “go live,” you can change some settings to practice!

Under your name, the default for who would see your video is “public”. You can change that to “friends, friends except and only me.” I practice with “Only Me.” You can save that video and post later.

Turn your phone horizontal so the video will take up the whole screen without the black hours which you get if the phone is vertical. Look into the camera lens, not the screen so you will be looking right at your viewers.

You should let viewers know you are going to go live so they don’t miss it.

Describe what your video will be about so they will want to come back and watch, share, give you some likes and love.

At the top of the screen there is a wand. You can reverse the screen and also make the image brighter if the lighting isn’t the best. Tap on the wand. That opens some options. At the bottom of the screen is a wrench. Hit that and you will see “horizontal flip, vertical flip and brightness.”

Try it out and for more tips on Facebook Live, please don’t hesitate to contact me at donna@dcvideocreations.com.