Welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday! I’m Donna Clark! This week I wanted to talk about getting dressed for your video. 3 things to think about are:

  • What to wear
  • What not to wear and
  • Your Backgrounds

We all have our own style so make sure you dress in a style that you are comfortable in, but keep in mind that some colours/patterns do not translate well on camera. You don’t want to wear busy patterns. Your audience will be looking at your clothes instead of listening to you. Solids are best. Colours to avoid are bright white because it absorbs the light, black is harsh and absorbs all the light, and bright reds can bleed on camera. If you are wearing a bright white shirt, make sure you have a jacket.

Another tip to keep in mind is your jewellery. Make sure you pick earrings or a necklace that doesn’t reflect the light or makes noise like bangles or may hit the microphone. Again you want to keep your audience listening to you without being distracted. If you wear glasses, it is always helpful to have lenses that have an anti-glare coating.

Be mindful of your background. Simple and uncluttered is better. You want Your audience focused on you. Make sure that a plant doesn’t appear to be growing out of your head.

Don’t forget to relax and have fun!! Forget the camera is there and just have a conversation. You are an expert. Your passion will shine through when you are talking about what you love!!

I hope you have found these tips useful. Have a great day!