Hi there. Welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday. I’m Donna Clark. This week I wanted to talk about 3 different ways we can work together – professional videos, do it yourself videos, and a combination of the two.

I was at a conference last week and was asked a number of times about pricing for videos. Every project is different, so I like to get to know you better and find out what you need.

First, I love to get into the studio with clients, help them with their script, shoot their videos and then edit the video adding graphics, titles and music.

Second, I love to teach entrepreneurs how they can shoot their own videos. Just knowing a few tips and tricks can speed up the process.

Third, after you know how to shoot your videos, I can take your footage and edit it for you. I add the titles, graphics and music.

I believe we all need professional videos but we also need the do it yourself videos because you want to be in front of your potential clients weekly. I would love to hear what interests you!

Have a great day!!