I’m Donna Clark of DC Video Creations.

Potential clients will stay longer and visit more often if you are using video. My clients often ask about the types of videos I recommend. I thought I would discuss that today.

Video is the most effective way to communicate your message. So many possibilities!!

  • On camera
  • Off camera
  • Product video
  • Promo/commercial
  • Video montage.

Video will boost your exposure, increase your client base, and increase your sales. And it is so much easier now with Facebook Live and YouTube.

Ideally, for your website, you will want 3 professional videos:

  1. An “About Me” video
  2. A “Personality” video
  3. And a “Positioning” video

An About Me will give your clients more information about your background and your why. A Personality video will show them why they want to work with you and a positioning video is going to get into more detail about your expertise.

Whether you need the complete package, need hands on training or editing your own videos, let’s get on a call and discuss your video needs.
Have a great day!!