Welcome back to Video Vibe Thursday, I’m Donna Clark. This week I wanted to give you some tips to optimize your YouTube channel! Titles and tags, editing your channel art and adding welcome videos.

For search engine optimization, you want to provide a title that is very descriptive and add key words that potential clients may be searching for. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine! Don’t forget to add the full url of your website including the http:// as this will be a live link back to your webiste! Tagging people in your video is equally important.

YouTube gives you the option to edit your channel art. It should follow your brand so anyone searching will know it is you right away. You should have a current headshot. I like to use Canva to edit the art first and then import into YouTube. Adding a custom thumbnail is a good idea because usually the 3 choices YouTube gives you are not the best.

Adding a welcome video to your YouTube channel is important to give viewers a better idea of who you are. You can upload 2 – one will play the first time they visit and the second would be for returning viewers.

I hope you found this helpful! IF you have any questions, please be sure to stop by my website and download my free tips.

Have a great day!