Welcome back to VVT!!  I was at a three day business meeting working on my business last week and it really got me thinking about the best way to move ahead in life and business. My 3 takeaways were that

1. Commitment is key

2. Hire a business coach.

3. All work and no play is not healthy!

Commitment really is key.  Do not give up on your dreams, even if those around you are not supportive. Think about where you can add value to your clients, without expecting something in return.

Hire a coach who brings out the best in you. Pat Mussieux put together an amazing coaching group of individuals. Working with like-minded colleagues who are upleveling their business doesn’t leave room for failure. The encouragement, support and energy in the room last week was incredible and I believe everyone in the room is being set up for success!

While we worked hard for 2 days, we also made time for fun and had lots of laughs. Very important to take time off for you. Angela Mercer Penny of Cabestro Ridge Farm in Cape Breton Island guided us through painting a masterpiece!

For those of you who want to take your business to the next level, send me an email and lets talk about what video can do for your business.  A huge thank you to Pat Mussieux (hirepat.com) for putting together a fabulous coaching group, all the Mavericks in Pat’s group for their encouragement and support, and to Angela Mercer Penny for her great instructions on paint night – from someone who doesn’t paint.

See you next week!!